Reticulation System

IPPL offers an innovative method of distributing LPG/Propane to customers using a sophisticated piped network. LPG/Propane is received through Bulk Tank Truck and stored in a mounded vessel. This Reticulated Gas System is one of the modern technologies and most convenient and cost-effect ways of distributing LPG/Propane to its customers and ensures an uninterrupted supply. IPPL is also in setting up of reticulation facility at customer premises for Bulk / packed supplies wherein the investment can be made by IPPL against secured credit from the customers. The supply of Propane/LPG in Bulk /packed cylinders will be through an agreement and a pricing structure, mutually agreed with the customer on a long-term basis. We also assist the customers in getting the PESO license of the said facility and also undertakes the Maintenance of the said facility through PESO approved vendors.

Usage Benefits Of Automotive LPG

Eco-Friendly. Reduce CO2 and NOx emissions.

Provides high Octane Number

Improves anti knocking of engines

Reduces Your Fuel Costs

Prolongs Life Of Your Engine

Lowers Maintenance Costs

Low Conversion Costs

Application of Automotive LPG in Industries

Used Mostly In Bi-Fuel Vehicles