Commercial Packed LPG Cylinder

IPPL is marketing packed LPG cylinders for various industrial sectors in the capacity of 21 Kgs, 33 Kgs and 425 Kgs under its brand ‘Propel LP Gas’. We in presently marketing these cylinders in the Southern States, West Bengal & Jharkhand and have a vision to further expand its distributor network across India.

Packed LPG 21/33 Kg

IPPL has entered into the commercial packed business of LPG wherein supply is to be carried out in 21/33 kg cylinders. The same is used for retail and commercial requirements.

Packed LPG 425 Kg

IPPL has also ventured into this field of business wherein supply is to be undertaken through 425 kg capacity cylinders. The target business houses are primarily Industry houses whose business volumes are large enough to be catered in smaller cylinders of 21/33 kg capacity. Many limitations in supplying through small cylinders can be overcome in lieu of supply through 425 kg cylinders. IPPL provides the best returns as the most cost-effective LPG solutions company with ease of accessibility through best apex management, dedicated customer support cell and strong technical knowledge back-up.

Business Opportunity