Become A Marketing Associate

LPG is increasingly being used in more and more industries, due to its versatility and giving cleaner combustion than other solid & liquid fuels. Liquefied Petroleum Gas is generally only propane, only butane, or a combination of the two. These find a lot of applications in multiple industries and service quite a great range of products.

IPPL invites Individuals/Partners/Proprietorship Firms etc. to join us as a Marketing Associate for marketing our Liquefied Petroleum Gas to industrial customers.

Who can apply?

  • Parties with a good track record during the last 3 years falling under the following categories are eligible.
  • Bulk/Packed LPG Transporters of IPPL / OMCs, PSU / Parallel Marketers.
  • Person or Firm having experience of marketing Industrial Gases.
  • Person or Firm having experience of LPG. Marketing/Operations.
  • Any person or firm having experience in handling LPG or any other business-related to LPG like LPG Burner manufacturers/traders, LPG pipeline fabricators, LPG or Natural Gas Reticulators, etc.
  • Any person or firm doing consultancy services in the field of LPG and any new person or Firm with a potential to tie up Direct Customer giving a firm commitment to IPPL on sales.
  • Existing MAs can be made by Business Associates directly on the signing of the Agreement.

Process of selection of Business Associates from other eligible categories to be done through shortlisting of parties at IPPL, HO through interview.

The shortlisting to be done on the following parameters :

Business Contacts.

Business experience and acumen.
Technical knowledge about LPG, usage and statutory requirements, or any other parameters in favor of IPPL’s business interest.

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