IPPL is one of the biggest suppliers of propane gas in India and supplies to various niche Industrial houses.

Propane is a colorless and odorless gas and is produced as a by-product of petroleum refining and cracking of natural gas. It is widely used today as a fuel; Propane is needed for various applications across the industry. The different Industrial applications range from Steel Rolling, Ceramics, Glass Annealing, Heat Treatment, Paint shops etc. Being a fuel of single hydrocarbon, Propane is considered worldwide as a clean fuel for industry with high calorific value.

Propane naturally occurs as a gas at atmospheric pressure but can be liquefied if subjected to moderately increased pressure. It is stored and transported in its compressed liquid form and is vaporized into a gas for use.

Propane is a smart way to reduce energy costs significantly, and also lower carbon footprint at the same time.

Propane is stored at our state-of-the-art facility at Haldia and Ennore in Refrigerated condition at -42°C, and supply Propane after heating to ambient condition to industries through tankers. IPPL owns NABL accredited laboratory for carrying out tests on each and every tanker dispatched from the terminal.

IPPL also undertakes to put up Propane facilities at the customer premises as per PESO norms. IPPL examines, inspects, and preserves all the tanks according to the code of practice.

Usage Benefits Of Propane

High purity

Lower dew point thus
avoiding chances of
condensation in pipeline

Only naturally generated vapors from the bullet can be tried for some time which will reduce the electricity cost in lieu of using vaporizers

Clean burning and emits
almost no pollutants.

Low maintenance cost

Low Sulfur

High Furnace Efficiency

High Burner Efficiency

Reduce Carbon Emission

Application of Propane in Industries

Furnace used in manufacturing of Ceramic Tiles, Stainless Steel

Agricultural Seed Drying

Metal Melting

Cold Rolling Mill

Furnace used in manufacturing of Ceramic Tiles, Stainless Steel

Agricultural Seed Drying

Metal Melting