Packed LPG Distributorship


The applicants of PROPEL LP GAS Distributorship undergo rigorous quality assessment to ensure that the perfect channel partner is being appointed to perpetuate the “BRAND IMAGE & VALUE” in the minds of the customers. Passionate, Focused, honest applicants are encouraged to apply for the exciting opportunity which will help them to grow Professionally & financially.

Some of the mandatory requirements for the distributorship are specified below:

  • Requirement of PESO approved LPG cylinder storage Godown:


    • The distributor must identify, coordinate & construct LPG cylinder storage Godown as per the guidelines of the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization.
    • The minimum capacity of the Godown should be 2000 Kgs.
    • The detailed drawing of the Godown shall be developed from competent person, once the Letter of Intent is being issued to the Distributor.
    • Following are some important points to be checked while selecting a Land for the Godown:
      • The ownership of the Land should be clear & it should be free from any encumbrances.
      • Land should be converted to commercial.
      • The Land size should be as per the PESO guidelines and shall not be in densely populated residential areas.


  • Vehicles for Primary & Secondary transportation of LPG cylinders:


    • The transportation arrangement to be done by the appointed distributor to carry the filled cylinders from IPPL’s Bottling plant to its Godown & further from the Godown to the customer’s premises & vice versa.
    • All vehicles to adhere the guidelines as deliberated by IPPL from time to time.


  • Financial Requirements


    • The Distributor has to arrange finance for fulfillment of day to day needs for running the distributorship.
    • The distributor has to pay security deposit to IPPL for each cylinder uplifted & the same to be recovered from the customer as per the market conditions and trends.
    • The cylinder is asset to IPPL & will always remain the property of IPPL, IPPL will refund the security deposit equivalent to the cylinders returned from time to time.
    • The distributor has to appoint its own staffs for security, delivery staff, godown manager, driver etc. on its own expense.


The Packed LPG distributorship will be selected on the basis of interview against an open advertisement for all eligible applicants.

The above-mentioned details are indicative only, for more details, please feel free to contact the concerned persons of the company.


Arindam Ghosh

Chief Manager

Biswa Mohan Pati

Senior Sales officer
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